Fight Club - Shevchenko vs Nunes (Live Reactions)

September 10, 2017

Full Heel Podcast is back!!!! 2 of the fights I was really excited for are off the Card, this fuckin sucks, I know , I know but we get the Re-booked Nunes vs Shevchenko 2 and thats going to be one bad-ass fight. Their first fight started off with Nunes pushing the pace and gassing out in the 3rd witch led to Shevchenko looking very strong in the 3rd, Now its a 5 round Fight so we get no questions as of who won their first fight. We Lost Mighty Mouse Breaking the record and we lost Francis vs. Dos Santos. But the card is still stacked even after the hits it took, we are packing bongs and scoring the fights, so hit that SUBSCRIBE button and join me and my buddies watching UFC 215
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Women's Bantamweight - Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko
Welterweight - Neil Magny vs. Rafael dos Anjos
Flyweight - Henry Cejudo vs. Wilson Reis
Light Heavyweight - Ilir Latifi vs. Tyson Pedro
Featherweight - Jeremy Stephens vs. Gilbert Melendez

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Episode 31 - Mae Young Classic Rnd.2

September 9, 2017

Jaime the Jobber and I are back in Studio and Talking about More Hip-Hop. We talk about Jay-Z and Nas and their Beef, Who we think won and then we get into some Wrestling, We talk about whats going on on RAW SmackDown Live, NXT and round 2 of the Mae Young Classic. Drop your Comments, Drop some likes and leave some reviews, it really helps out the show. thanks and much love you filthy Jabroni's.
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Fight Club - Volkov vs. Struve

September 3, 2017

After what seems like ages we finally get some UFC in our life. UFC Rotterdam is a sleeper card, not a ton of big names but very good talent and promising match-ups. Expect a lot of Kickboxing and some Sambo as well. I got my Bong packed and im getting HIGH as hell so spark one up boys, becuase we have some fights going down in Rotterdam. Drop some comments, Leave some likes and help share this, cuz who loves you more then your uncle rafa ??? #FullHeelPodcast #UFC #UFCRotterdam


Episode 30 - DonkeyTr0n and the Jobber

September 3, 2017

Hey whats up guys, Me and Jaime the Jobber are back in Studio talking Blue Chips 7000, Hip Hop in Gneral, Who our Favorite 3 rappers are and we talk about RAW Smackdown, NXT and the first round of the Mae Young Classic. Hit that Subcribe bitton drop some likes and comments and shmoke some. #FullHeelPodcast #UFC #WWE #RAW #SmackDown #NXT #MaeYoungClassic  


Fight Club- McGregor vs Mayweather

August 30, 2017

The biggest Fight of the centuray was this Saturday (8-26-17) and if you misseed it you probably had Fight Pass, Or you didnt wantt to spend the 100 bucks on the PPV, So if you missed it no worries , Me and my Buddies did a Fight Companion (LIVE REACTION!!) to the Fight and had a blast hanging out. Drop Some likes, some comments, hit that Subscribe button and share the hell out of this podcast becuase nobody loves you more then your uncle Rafa. 
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Episode 29 - Talk is Heel (Chronicles pt.1 )

August 26, 2017

Full Heel Podcast is back and we are bringing you a new Segment. You all know and Love Talk Is Deep so I went ahead and stole a little bit of his Mojo to make the Talk is Heel Chronicles. Im still talking MMA but we also talk about Current events and Random shit. In this Episode we talk about Conor vs Floyd, Punching Nazi's, and Marvel or DC. Drop those Likes, leave some comments ans Smash that Subscribe button because we are coming in hot. #UFC #FullHeelPodcast #PunchingNazi's #Floyd #Conor #McGregor #Mayweather 


Episode 28 - TakeOver III and Summer Slam Review

August 24, 2017

Holy Sh#*t NXT was F#*ckin awesome this weekend. Summer Slam Had some Duds but all in all it was a great weekend for Wrestling Fans. NXT put on 5 AWESOME match's that set up great story lines to unfold in the upcoming weeks. They added key players and strengthen the roster. Summer Slam like I said, had its duds but its had 13 matches so its was bond to happen. but i gave it a B and deem it worth watching. I love all you silly bitches so hit that Subscribe button and drop some comments, Much appreciated
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Summer Slam 2017 LIVE Reactions

August 22, 2017

Summer Slam was this Sunday and Full Heel Podcast is bringing you live reactions for your Last hour and a half of Action. Saturdays NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III was EPIC and somehow topped TakeOver Chicago and I was live for that one. WE will Definitely be reviewing TakeOver Brooklyn III while watching Summer Slam, (so SPOILERS!!!!!!) . I hit up 2 of my long time friends and Frat brothers to join me and talk about the WWE. So Hit that Subscribe button, Drop some Likes and share the shit out of this, it means a lot, i love all you bastards, and thanks for listing
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Episode 27 - Summer Slam 97 and 2017 (Podcast-A-Mania)

August 18, 2017

We are back in studio for another Podcast-A-Mania. I have Jesus Monsoon Mendez back in Studio to Talk a little bit of Summer Slam this coming weekend, but first We spend most of the time remembering Summer Slam 97 Definitely in the Top 3 of Summer Slams of all Time. So join me and Jesus and enjoy the memories. Hit that Subscribe button drop some like and share the shit outta this brother!!!!!!!!


Episode-26 Frank Mysterio and Jaime the Jobber

August 12, 2017

No Fights this Weekend?? No Problem, Full Heel Podcast has got you covered with some Fight Talk. I put out the smoke signal and some of my friends showed up to talk some Upcoming Fights that are rumored or said to have been booked, Wetalk sbout UFC Roderdam, UFC 215,216 and the Big NYC card. I got Super ripped and had a good time with my friends. Hit that Subscribe button and drop some comments 

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