Fight Club - Machida vs Brunson (Live Reactions)

October 29, 2017

The Dragon is back and im not talking about Ultimo Dragon, Its Loyoto Machida hes back after a 2 year suspension from USADA, Hes back and fighting in Brazil, can this old Dragon take out the powerful Brunson? In the co-main we have Mia taking on a very confident Covington. An always exciting Jim Miller takes on Trinaldo, And Lineker gets a chance to take out a young Vera. So join the Stable #FullHeelPodcast #UFCSoaPaolo #UFC #Machida

Middleweight- Derek Brunson vs. Lyoto Machida

Welterweight- Demian Maia vs. Colby Covington

Bantamweight- Pedro Munhoz vs. Rob Font

Lightweight- Francisco Trinaldo vs. Jim Miller

Middleweight- Thiago Santos vs. Jack Hermansson

Bantamweight- John Lineker vs. Marlon Vera 


#38- Halloween Havoc 98

October 25, 2017

Halloween is almost here and im back with another episode reviewing Halloween Havoc's For the month of October. Monsoon Mendez joined me once again to talk about Halloween Havoc 98. We talk about TLC (tables Ladders and Chairs) from this past Sunday 10/22/17. Havoc 97 brought back some awesome wrestling memories. Raven and Jericho had a bad ass opener to start the PPV. Scott Halls Problems where brought in to light as he faced off with Nash. We got to see a Hogan Warrior rematch and we also got to see the PPV that never was DDP vs Goldberg, so join me and Monsoon BROTHER!!!! CUZ WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN DONKEYTR0N RUNZ WILD ON YOU!!!!!!!!!


Fight Club- Cowboy vs Till (LIVE REACTIONs!!!!)

October 21, 2017

We are back and its and early one. This Card started at 11am CT, Its a Poland Card so thats why we coming at you early. Me and the Jobber are going to chill watch the main Event and go live For Cowboy vs Till. Both very god strikers with Cowboy having the EXP. Cowboy has been impressive at 170lb and its going to be a tough task for Till. Karolina gets a chance to pick up a win in her home Country. Hit that subscribe button and join us LIVE!!!!!!


#37- Halloween Havoc 97 with Jesus

October 21, 2017

Went back in time and took a look at Halloween Havoc 97. Probaly one of my favorites of the Halloween Havoc PPV. The nWo was full effect and a year and some months trying to take over WCW. Rey vs Eddie was  for the cruiserwieght Championship, where eddie was trying to Demask Rey leading into Halloween Havoc. Ultimo Dragon opened the PPV. Chris Jericho vs Gedo, DDP, Randy Savage in an last man Standing match. It was a great card with Hogan and Piper main eventing in a cage match. It was awesome sitting and remebering Halloween Havoc with Jesus, I hope you guys enjoy 
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#36- Halloween Havoc 96/ Hell In a Cell 2017

October 13, 2017

Its Me!!!!!! Its Me !!!!! Its DONKEYTR0N!!!!! and im bringing you a Halloween Havoc 96 Review, but first I talk about Sundays Hell in A Cell, Monday Night RAW, SmackDownLive and NXT. It was great taking a look back in history and seeing all the young Supertstars Like a 21 year old Rey Misterio Jr. take on Dean Malenko, Or a young Jericho take on Syxx, Eddie Guerreo vs DDP. Awesome card up and down Stacked with nWo (My Favorite Faction) So tune in Donkeys and lets talk about some old school wrestling #WWE #WCW #RAW #FullHeelPodcast #HalloweenHavoc #nWo 


Ferguson vs Lee ( Live Reactions!!!!!!) Fight Club

October 8, 2017

UFC 216 is Tonight and I am Stoked for this card. Tony vs Lee and Mighty Mouse vs Borg 2 titles and on the line and a chance to make history For DJ. I got some of My Buddies coming over to check this card out and Call the Action. So hit that SUBSCRIBE button and join the Stable #UFC #WWE #nWo #FullHeelPodcast #UFC216 #MightyMouse #FullHeel #DonkeyKicks

Lightweight- Tony Ferguson vs. Kevin Lee

Flyweight- Demetrious Johnson (c) vs. Ray Borg

Heavyweight- Fabrício Werdum vs. Derrick Lewis

Women's- Flyweight Mara Romero Borella vs. Kalindra Faria

Lightweight- Beneil Dariush vs. Evan Dunham


#35- Halloween Havoc/ Hell in A Cell

October 5, 2017

Donkey Kicks for everyone, Its F#$kin October Donkeys, and I went ahead and watched Halloween Havoc 89 for us and I give you my thoughts and what not, I also cover the FIRST EVER Hell in A Cell Match, Taker vs Shawn Micheals. I also get into RAW SMACKDOWN AND NXT, Drop your Likes, DonkeyKick That Subscribe button cuz we kickin hard Donkeys 
#HalloweenHavoc #HellInACell #WWE #RAW #SmackDown #FullHeelPodcast 


#34- No Mercy Review

September 26, 2017

If you missed No Mercy yesterday No worries we got you covered. WE beak Down The PPV and let you know what we thought of it and where we think the storyLine should be going. Jaime and I tell you what was good and we grade the PPV as a whole. Drop those comments Donkeys and join the stable cocksuckas #WWE #NoMercy #BrockLesnar 


#33- WrestleMania 7 (Podcast-A-Mania)

September 25, 2017

Whats up Donkey's.I have my guest (Geo + Abel) Today we are taking it back to 1991 (WrestleMania VII), I was 3 years Old, just a tiny baby Donkey and Hogan was trying to beat that Iraq sympathizer Sgt. Slaughter for the WWF HW Title. Warrior vs MachoMan, The Debute of Taker. A good WM not the best one but an enjoyable one. I have my 2 buddies ( Abel and Geo helping me talk about some Old School WWF. Hit that Subscribe button, Drop some leave and throw on Wrestle Mania 7 as we reminisce the days Hogan was RUNIIN WILD BROTHER!!!!!! #HulkHogan #HulkaMania #UnderTaker #MachoMan


Fight Club - OSP vs Okami (Live Reactions!!!)

September 23, 2017

YOOOO!!!!! We are LIVE!!!!!! For OSP vs Okami in Japan, Gokhan Saki makes his UFC debut (HOLYSHIT!!!!!) and Claudia trys to make her Climb back to the 115lb Title I have my 2 buddies in studio to talk about and Watch the fights (Frank Mysterio and Jaime the Jobber) Drop some comments Help share this shit and lets Shmoke and score these fights. Hit that Subscribe button Donkeys #UFC #UFC116 #OSPvsOkami #Japan #UFCJapan #FullHeelPodcast #Donkeys